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Dreams enable us to know ourselves better, to make good decisions in life, and to accomplish our goals. We can all learn to access these snippets of our inner lives and utilise them to bring a greater sense of enrichment and fulfilment. All that is required is intention and effort.

Our dreams are made up of pictures, which are some of the earliest forms of communication, as shown in various cave paintings around the world. They are messages, a different form of communication, which many of the ancients have recognised right down throughout the ages, and through all the cultures, but there are keys that we need to unlock them so that we can understand them, and apply them to our lives. Some dreams have symbols or metaphors appearing in them that need to be interpreted so that we can unlock the hidden messages or pictures we see in our dreams.

Perhaps you may have had a dream that is extremely vivid and it lingers long after awakening. It is possible that your dream might be trying to tell you something about your current situation or even the future. Recurring Dreams are usually telling you that you need to pay attention to something going on in your life. Sometimes the only way to get a message across, can be through a dream that bypasses our minds and all our filters, going straight to our spirit, and releasing fresh insight!

We can help you get started on the amazing journey of discovering the Dream Realm and show you how your dreams can impact your daily life, others in your sphere of influence and help you to gain understanding for how to take that next step in life!





Always wanted to know what your dreams mean and would like to gain some understanding? Looking for that individual attention, where you will accelerate your ability to interpret Dreams?   Book a One on One Revelations Dream School Via Skype, Google Hangouts or at the Dreams Office!

Suggested Time and Payments 2 hours@ $30.00NZD per session  over a period of 6 weeks or $180.00NZD for the full 6 weeks. This includes the PDF Version of the Revelations Dream School Manual.  We can tailor the times to suit – just ask!



This Intensive Course including workshop and the comprehensive Revelations Dream School Manual on how to interpret your dreams is great for groups of friends/family/youth groups/churches/team building.


We have found that Friday Night 7pm – 9:30pm through to Saturday Night 9:30am – 9:30pm works well, but we can change

this to suit your group!

Your choice of venue – if you are needing a venue please contact us on

and we may be able to help.


Minimum group of 5 People required – If you have a group of 4 or less please contact us at for prices.

5-15 People registrations Price $60NZD/person including Manual

15+ People registrations Price $50NZD/person including Manual


Revelations Dream School PDF Download Comprehensive Manual $15.00NZD

SPECIAL OFFER ON OLD RUN Revelations Dream School Hard Copy Comprehensive Manual $15.00 (While Stocks Last!)

New Manual will be $22.50 please contact


Revelations Dream School