Love Looks Like You!




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Love really does look like You!

People are so tired of religion and God has unfortunately got a bad rap over the years!

Reaching out to others and encouraging them to develop their spiritual journey can be a whole lot of fun and there is nothing better than to watch someone awaken spiritually, see them healed emotionally and/or physically and to leave you feeling a whole lot better than when they arrived!  If you would like to learn how to do this in your sphere of influence – whether that is at school, work, socially or just living life, the Dreams team would love to help you and your friends/church/group.  This is a FREE event – a Koha/Offering will be taken.

We love encouraging others to get out and about and teach them how to become love and see people radically transformed physically and spiritually and mentally.

This is a day of interactive training followed by an Evening Practical Session 7:00pm – 9:30pm (later for those that are up for a late night) at the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga – Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Car park under the Warehouse, Dreams Stall, near The Warehouse Stairs.

Love Looks Like You! will equip you and show you how much fun and how easy it can be connecting with people from all walks of life, and all different beliefs and it won’t be purely theory. There will be a practical component at the end so you can begin to walk out what you have learned.

We come across people all the time who are really hungry to learn about spiritual things and are hungry to truly meet those who authentically represent God. There are so many ways that you can creatively reach out to those people in your sphere of influence and see them meet the One who will satisfy their deepest spiritual, emotional and physical needs. You will be encouraged and inspired by the many testimonies of people touched and healed in a huge variety of situations.

You will learn many creative ways that you can then incorporate into your daily lives. Please go to the website for further information.