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You have unique abilities, skills, innate desires, dreams and passions that once revealed can propel you into a complete and fulfilled life.  No matter what your circumstances are or where you come from, what nationality or belief system you have, you will have visions in the night and sometimes you need a little help to figure out what they mean and just how to go about putting legs on your goals and passions in life.

Erin and Andrew thoroughly enjoy seeing people develop every area of their lives and enabling them to move forward with confidence and clarity!

Your spirit can be the most neglected part of who you are – and like anything, if not used regularly it won’t become all that it could be.  With the body, you work out and your body get’s fit and healthy.  With the mind you feed it, therefore learn and grow and it is the same with your spirit!

There are many different ways to do this and while they specialise in Dream Interpretation and training others to interpret their dreams they have found that these other options on the Menu below are incredibly helpful too!

Spiritual Insightsspirituaencouragement and guidance

Healing (Physical & Emotional) – laying on of hands

Dream Building – inspiration for your future

Spiritual & Stress Detox – meditation/karakia keys to peace

Nightmares – eradicate them!

Name Readings – discover what your name means

Spiritual Encounters – experience the Spirit of Truth, see pictures, hear words that bring peace, hope and love

Cards of Destiny – learn how to navigate where you have been, where you are currently and where you are going

Love Language Cards – find out your strengths and how you relate best to co-workers, friends & loved ones

True Reflections – discover how amazing you really are

The Tranquil Home – remove negative energy/entities from your home

Andrew and Erin move in the prophetic realm using spiritual insights that they receive from the Holy Spirit.  They have studied Dream Interpretation for over 20 years and have found the greatest accuracy using the Ancient Hebraic System,  by far the oldest form, which is quite different from Gestalt, Freud or Jung.  Enjoying many years of interpreting, teaching and seeing people equipped in all areas of their life is their mission both nationally, internationally, via the website, email, Facebook, and the general public at various fairs, festivals, conferences and events.

“Dreams” has done several stints of Dream Interpretation on Newstalk ZB Radio, an interview for NZ Woman’s Weekly and had a regular monthly slot on New Zealand’s Radio Rhema with Pat Brittenden’s “Mornings” and at Wise Cicada Cafe in Newmarket, Auckland for 3 years.

They are regulars at the Grey Lynn Festival, The Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga, and helped head up the XP Revelations team from 2008-2013 that provided free dream interpretation and personal and spiritual development on a regular basis.  As part of the prophetic team Erin and Andrew enjoyed the opportunity to encourage and speak into the business people that attended Dreaming with Purpose Conference 2011 and 2012 and in 2013 Erin was one of the speakers at this National conference for people with goals and passions to improve the world around them.

The Menu offers a wide range of options and we can tailor make it to suit your circumstances at our venue or yours.  Please feel free to contact us at dreams@xtra.co.nz

When you do drop us a line we would love to know where you heard about us from!



You are never too old to set another goal or Dream a New Dream! C.S. Lewis

(An incredible man who has inspired those that have Dreams or night visions  all around the world for many years!)