Dreams – Where do they Come From?

Dreams – Where do They Come From and what Can They Reveal?

By Erin Bradley

Can Dreams actually bypass our Filters and Preconceptions and Help us to Make Good Decisions?

From experience I say emphatically Yes! Yes! Yes!

There are some valuable things that we can learn from Dream Interpretation that will actually increase our ability to make good decisions without having to pay out a fortune for a psychologist! ‘Self Dreams or Soul Dreams’ which stem from daily life are not to be dismissed. These can be a crucial key that will unlock certain areas we might need to work on that are tainted by our prejudices and filters that have come about from life experience or simply by being influenced by others thoughts and beliefs.

Key in Door

Can dreams provide keys to help in your daily life?

We often like to ignore these particular dreams as they can point to some of the areas that during waking hours we would prefer to ignore.

In this format there is limited space to break things down completely but hopefully this will give you an overview and encourage you to look more closely at your dreams and the deeper meanings hidden within them.


The Different Areas Dreams Come From

  • Self/Soul Dreams
  • Spiritual/True Dreams
  • Lying/False Dreams.

It can take quite some time to discern which area our dreams are coming from. Finding the correct interpretation is the other thing most people find tricky and it is important to recognise that not all our dreams are sourced from truth, but as long as the dreamer connects with the Dream Giver/God they will eventually be able to sort out which ones to keep and which ones to bin, hence why I use the Ancient Hebraic Method of Dream Interpretation.


Different types of Dreams

What Are Self/Soul Dreams?

These are the dreams we have that are usually not prophetic in nature, and often not spiritual, but connected with what is going on in our day-to-day life. They can reveal areas that for whatever reason we have sometimes chosen not to deal with and they can bring correction and provide redirection amongst other things. Ultimately when correctly interpreted these dreams can help us to move forward instead of going around the mountain again! 

Spiritual/True Dreams

These dreams can catapult us into our destiny, and often reveal to us things about ourselves that we haven’t yet discovered. They will often be epic and play out like a movie, encouraging us to be more than we currently are! These dreams will bring a sense of freedom and inspire us to feel that we are able to achieve anything we set our minds to!


Lying/False Dreams

Lying or false dreams can be in black and white and have a melancholic nature; they will often leave us feeling negative upon awakening and bring fear. They are sent to distract us from moving into our destiny and can often be condemning of other people, can cause us to jump to wrong conclusions and sabotage relationships. It is important not to succumb to the fear, intimidation or straight out lies that these dreams bring, recognise them for what they are and turn them on their head. Refuse to allow them to be a roadblock!


Are You Stuck in a False Reality?

 In the 1999 Movie The Matrix there is a scene where Morpheus is speaking to Neo and implying that he must feel somewhat like Alice in Wonderland tumbling down the rabbit hole and that he can understand that what is happening to him feels surreal as if he is in a dream and will awaken at any time. Neo is resistant to the idea of fate, as he likes the idea that he is in control of his life, but Morpheus prods at him further – a bit like someone picking at a scab and implies that he knows that Neo has felt that there has been something not quite right his entire life.

Morpheus then goes on to explain what the Matrix actually is, that it is all around Neo, at home, at work, on the street, at church, everywhere and it has the appearance of the reality, when in fact it is a scam and is preventing him from seeing the truth. Of course Neo then wants to know what that truth actually is and Morpheus proceeds to tell him that he was born into slavery, into a prison that he can neither smell, taste nor touch and that the prison has been established for his mind. What he thought was his reality was in fact not! And until Morpheus pointed this out to him he did not have all the information he needed to make a good decision, but he did have a hunch that something wasn’t right.


Sometimes we don’t have the full picture!

Education & Knowledge Alone Does not always Equal Good Decision Making!

Of course it is vital to have all the information we need before we can make informed or good decisions. And for many of us we now turn to the Internet to glean as much as we can. It is funny when you think that the Internet has really only come into its own only in the last 20 years. Generation Y and Z don’t comprehend life without it. And with the Internet has come an information tsunami. This can have us running to and fro googling this and that and searching for more knowledge. Knowledge has increased 1000 fold but this doesn’t necessarily equate to answers or truth and sometimes leaves us asking more questions.

If we are always looking for the ‘more’ how can we truly live in the now? So often we think that once we have studied that, read every book possible, scoured the internet, achieved certain things, then we will finally feel total fulfillment and have enough information to make good quality decisions in our life based on truth.

There is always more to learn and everybody measures truth differently!

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your current situation, to continue learning and to reach for the moon! In fact that is something I do myself and always encourage others to do, but if you don’t enjoy and appreciate the journey along the way, there will always be that feeling that you might be missing out on something!

Are you fully awake? Are you really living or are you simply just following the ones that have walked before you without really thinking or questioning what you are doing?

Or for those that would adamantly protest that they are carving out their own path and certainly not following their predecessors are you sure? When I was younger I wore minis, put purple streaks through my dyed blonde hair, and thought the music I listened to was far superior to my parents! I thought I knew it all.

Culture & Society Affects our Thinking Processes

 I have found it rather interesting being involved socially both on the internet and in reality with many different groups and cultures how each one has its own sub-culture and many involved in these groups often just repeat what they have heard from someone else. Can we really think for ourselves independently or when we really dig below the surface how conditioned are we to ‘others’ beliefs?

The Internet has opened up the doors for everybody to have their say. People want to put out their opinions, and are looking for those opinions to be validated by others, and you often see those opinions ‘shared’ from thread to thread, and because there are so many, are we really digesting what has been said or is most of it just part of the screeds of random information that our brains tuck away?

By the way I am not saying that I am ‘disconnected’ completely from the above scenarios either, just posing some of the things that I have been pondering.

We do process incredible amounts of data on a daily basis, much we are simply not aware of. Many things once learned become automatic and very much so if they are repeated time and again, so we don’t even have to consider them – like driving a car or riding a bike. Our brains are incredible computers with pretty good memory capacity. (Mostly!)


Do We Really Know what We Think We Know?

There have been tests done by scientists at the University of Iowa to show that we do have the ability to assess more complex information and make rapid decisions using a simple card game involving a handful of subjects and a polygraph machine where gamblers started generating stress responses fairly early on via their sweat glands. Normally they would have turned over approximately 50 cards before they even had a ‘hunch’ on what was wrong with the two decks of cards used in the test. But the response from their stress recorded by the polygraph machine actually showed that they subconsciously changed their behaviour and the way that they picked the cards before they even really knew what they were doing. This operated entirely below the surface of their consciousness.

Another test measured the levels of unconscious prejudice – how we come to conclusions without consciously thinking about things. One of the examples was some research done on tall men being CEO’s in America. From the statistics it appears that we have a presupposed idea of what a leader should look like and if they don’t fit the required stereotype they can be overlooked for this position.

These are just a couple of examples that show how influenced we can be by others thoughts, our own preconceived ideas and conditionings.

Have you really unplugged from the matrix or do you just think you have and how much does the culture surrounding you dictate your choices?


Your dreams can reveal areas in your life that may need tweaking, and should you choose to pay attention to them, you will find them a fantastic FREE resource that will ultimately help you make good decisions. If you do need a little help with any dreams that you haven’t yet managed to interpret, feel free to drop us a line  via www.dreams.org.nz where we have various kinds of training available so you can learn to understand what your dreams mean.