Dreaming Opens The Doors To Destiny

Dreaming Opens The Doors to Destiny

By Erin Bradley

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We did another Revelations Dream School this past weekend and each time we do one, we still find ourselves amazed at how God reveals Himself to people through their dreams. Whether it is showing them where to find something they lost, or simply pointing out a tweak that may need to be made in their lives or as we found over this weekend many had Destiny/Calling Dreams but without an interpretation did not fully understand what this could possibly mean for their lives. We love getting to be a part of their journey and thoroughly enjoy cheering them on into their incredible destinies! Watching the light come on in someone’s eyes as they recognise that they have received an important message from another realm is absolutely wonderful.

Pink and White Poppies

Tall Poppy Syndrome – “Don’t allow others to steal your Dream!”

Tall Poppy Syndrome

Many of us like to play what I call the ‘humble card’ – where we don’t want others to ever think that we are too big for our boots, but personally, if we play this card too often I think that we rob ourselves of the amazing future and hope that is ahead of us. Here in New Zealand it is known as ‘Tall Poppy’ syndrome – we do it to ourselves and sometimes to others, we don’t want them thinking too highly of themselves as it makes us feel better. This thought process is incredibly damaging as I believe that we are all created to make an impact in our sphere of influence and when we actually recognize that there is no one else quite like us on the entire planet, no one else wired with our skill set, gifting, personality etc, that we are totally unique and when we begin to like and approve of all those things that make us unique, we can confidently step into the things that we were made and meant to do!

…..What if?…….

Dreams can play a huge part in nudging us to move forward in our lives, even to step out of our comfort zones and to take risks that we may never have had the courage to do before we actually saw ourselves doing it in the dream. You see we are very ‘visually’ oriented and when we see ourselves doing something that in the daylight hours is way out of our box or current grid, it actually plants a seed in us saying….What if?…..



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What amazing ideas are hidden in your Dreams – above and beyond what you could even imagine!

Above and Beyond What You Can Even Imagine

Inventions, song lyrics, books, businesses, politics, almost every arena has a story from an individual that had a dream that spurred them on to do something that they previously never had either the courage or the ability to do. What if YOU had a dream that showed you that you can be more than you currently are, that YOU can achieve above and beyond what you have even imagined, but you simply did not understand how to interpret it or maybe understood a little, but not the full impact of the dream? We saw this happen again and again over the weekend and shared in the joy of the weighty revelation that each person received as it dawned on them how simply amazing their dream actually was and what it could mean for their daily lives.

Your Destiny

Feel free to drop us a line via our website or by email if you have had a dream that you know is significant, but you can’t quite figure out what it means. We would love to help you interpret it and see YOU encouraged and opening the doors to YOUR incredible destiny.


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